Kylie Kraze Hits NYC, Thanks to Kylie Jenner's SoHo Pop-Up Shop

Erin DeGregorio

Kylie Jenner's biggest fans wait to enter their idol's pop-up shop, located at 27 Mercer Street, on Opening Day. (New York, New York) (Monday, February 13) / Photo: Erin DeGregorio

With the amount of police presence, cones and metal barriers in SoHo on Monday, Feb. 13, one would have thought an emergency situation had occured. But it was just thousands of fans waiting in line to purchase makeup and merch at Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics pop-up shop.

Perfectly timed during New York Fashion Week 2017, the 19-year-old cosmetics queen launched her second pop-up shop in New York. Jenner’s storefront definitely stands out from the rest of Mercer Street. The windows, blazoned with the iconic, soft pink make-up dripping down towards the sidewalk below, are bordered by jet black wood. It offers no glimpse into the insides of what is sure to be every fashionista’s vanity and bedroom closet dreams. Security was tight for opening day, as if it was a nightclub for Manhattan’s A-list celebrities. Loud hip hop music could be heard playing inside whenever the front doors opened to allow representatives to go in and out with ease.

But outside those well-guarded doors stood Jenner's dedicated fans who camped out around the block - and then some on Canal and Greene Streets too - just to purchase her highly sought-after makeup. Based on sight alone, security estimated that 2,000 people had been waiting in line, and only a little more than half would be allowed to enter the store before closing. The front of the line camped out all weekend, starting Saturday morning.

Erin DeGregorio

A panoramic view of Mercer Street at 9:45 a.m. (New York, New York) (Monday, February 13) / Photo: Erin DeGregorio

Four of the first ten people to be allowed into the store and explore the pristine shelves that had yet to be disheveled were Ella DeLuca, Ruby DeLuca, Agnes Lazar and Justin Medina. These high schoolers took dedication to the next level by claiming their spots in line since 2 p.m. on Saturday — an entire 44 hours before doors opened to the public.

Erin DeGregorio

Medina, Ruby DeLuca, Lazar and Ella DeLuca, moments before the doors to Jenner's shop opened. (New York, New York) (Monday, February 13) / Photo: Erin DeGregorio

They told NYCity News Service that they were Jenner's true, loyal fans, especially after surviving the winter weather that hit New York City over the weekend.

“It was hailing, it was snowing; it was around one degree Celsius. We had to sneak into a hotel to use the bathroom. We had to sleep on the metal ledge right there,” said Medina, pointing by one of the storefronts on Mercer Street.

Their desire to be one of the first few in line was driven by the mere fact that they could meet their idol and makeup muse.

“Because what’s the point if you’re not meeting Kylie, right?” said Ruby DeLuca when asked why she had to come so early and camp out.

“We needed to meet her,” said Lazar and Ruby and Ella DeLuca, all in agreement. “We needed to be first in line.”

“We could’ve just went after school to the pop-up shop, but we decided to come early for all of this. I needed to get a picture with Kylie,” Medina told NYCity News Service. "I want to be the first in the store - like I need to feel how Kylie feels every day.”

Lazar also said their ulterior motive and goal was to be on line before Johnny Cyrus, Jenner’s biggest fan in the social media sphere. According to the group, they were since he only arrived the morning of Opening Day.

Make sure you check out the BTS of @KylieJenner's NYC pop up shop 😉

— Johnny Cyrus (@ItsJohnnyCyrus) February 15, 2017

Erin DeGregorio

The end of the line - just feet away from Jenner's storefront - wrapped around Mercer Street on the morning of Opening Day. (New York, New York) (Monday, February 13) / Photo: Erin DeGregorio

But even after doors opened at 10 a.m., Mercer Street was still closed off from vehicular traffic and only allowed a large NYPD truck to come through for on-duty officers to place more barricades along the streets to keep fans in check. (And even on Valentine’s Day, barricades still remained in the streets!) The store, which could only hold 150 people max, allowed between 15 and 25 people in at a time, depending on how often shoppers emerged from the store - with black or white shopping bags that boldly stated KYLIE in pink - in hand.

@KylieJenner The pop up store was incredibleee!!!💋👑✨

— Chloe💋 (@chloeminchin__x) February 15, 2017

Erin DeGregorio

An NYPD truck with extra barriers gets unloaded at 10:50 a.m. (New York, New York) (Monday, February 13) / Photo: Erin DeGregorio

Though Medina, Lazar, the DeLucas and others who were toward the front of the line were hoping to see Jenner at 10 a.m., Jenner, her boyfriend Tyga and her mother Kris Jenner arrived fashionably late in the afternoon. Kris Jenner tweeted, "Wow thank you NYC for coming out to see Kylie's Pop Up store this morning!!!!!” Gabby Noone of MTVNews also reported that Jenner's half-sister Kim Kardashian stopped by the store on Valentine’s Day and treated shoppers with free hand-outs of the “Head Over Heels” shade.

The store sells lingerie from her “Thick” clothing line, her classic Lip Kits and her limited edition Valentine's Day cosmetics collection. Promos for opening day included a giveaway of free matching gloss with any burgundy palette and lip kit bundle during purchases. The store will remain open daily, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., until supplies last.